Hello World

Wherein I rant about how horrid blogging is, for the first time, and propose an alternative that seems somewhat outdated.

As I’m chronically unsatisfied with social media sites, content-management/web publishing/blogging software, and my past work, a few days ago I decided that the simplest path to satisfaction is to just implement what I want. As such, this 3rd iteration of whyitsabadidea is an exercise in writing rather minimal, yet functional, software: 250 lines of Haskell, 160 of JavaScript, just the features I want.

My intended use: posting projects, interesting links, and other digressions, to an environment I have near complete control of. The developers of most every other site/service I’ve used seem to either spend their time fighting with unreliable or overloaded systems, or idly add useless and half-baked features. Fortunately I’m immune from both: I have no user base, and only worthwhile features get implemented, by the virtue of my laziness.

(A note on comments: I really enjoy hearing interesting comments about stuff I’m working on - yet spam and anonymous stupidity seem to be the currency of the Internet. Thus, I’m not going to bother with comments (not out of technological laziness - I’ve implemented a version with them), but welcome people to contact me.)